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Beauty and the Minister

             "Go get 'em tiger".

   From a letter to my American sister in law Clarice...
   He recently came to visit Greece,
   the German minister and friend of peace,
   Schäuble,* whose attacks on us 
                                        [have yet to cease.   *Germany's  Minister of Finance

   Dr. Schäuble studied law and economics,
   and probably ergonomics and macroeconomics...
   One minister, very impressive,
   but with a face ugly and depressive.....

   Sky, the TV station sent the most                                                                                           [beautiful reporter,
   for a brief interview, from the German 
          ''Μinister, are you righteous -  demands 
                                                     [the supporter ?
          If you do want,  do not answer,
          but our people by force became your financier,
          financier of the German state during the big war.

         Hitler paid back three installments, or four...''

         and she added, ''your government, 
                                    [why have they not paid the rest ?''

        while she was seeing him as an outlaw 

                                                               [in the Wild West.

        Until this point the interview had been 
                                     [friendly on the various topics..

       Suddenly the reporter was 
                                      [into a tiger from the tropics.

The minister replied:  ''For that loan 
                [you gave to us, you have signed

that it's a gift to Germans, to us..
                                  [you signed on a blind,

having no other choice, 
obeying the more powerful countries voice.

That moment.. it was said you could hear screams from 
                                                 an unknown celestial lat-lon.*          *latitude & longitude

It was the cries of the seven hundred thousand dead Greeks, 
                                           (victims of German occupation.

       Head of this ghostly demonstration
       was my father, who was executed by 
                                                           [the invaders
       and they all shouted to them, to the bad 
       that everyone was killed by them and 
                                                       [not by unknowns,
        adding: ''You, who took our lives, go ahead, 

                                                  [now take our bones''.

                                                                                           War crimes of the Wehrmacht

* Extract from "The Broken Mooring Line", an experiential
poetic work // page c34 // e-mail: pmataragas@yahoo.com //
Texts and Narration: Odysseus Heavilayias - ROTTERDAM //
Language adjustments and text adaptation: Kellene G Safis - CHICAGO//
Digital adaptation and text editing: Cathy Rapakoulia Mataraga - PIRAEUS


* Wolfgang Schäuble :   I was born in 1942.....my personal moral responsibility is limited.....   Legal issues, closed down sometime. The Greece agreed to this and all other nations of the world and this matter has expired.

* Those killed :   Germany has brought immense suffering to the Greek people and caused incalculable damage. The casualties of Greece during World War II are estimated at 700,000 civilians and soldiers. Were incalculable and material destruction, which led to a complete collapse of the Greek economy.
             The Interview

Albrecht Ritschl is Professor of Economic History at the London School of Economics. He studied at the University of Munich, and previously taught at the Pompeu Fabra University, the University of Zurich and the Humboldt University of Berlin.]

Professor Ritschl at Spiegel in tough language for Germany. ''If Greece attack us, takes it all!''
For the Greek debt spoke German Professor of history and Economics at Spiegel in tough language for Germany.
The German Professor of the history of Economics Albrecht Ritschl (LSE) says out for Greek debt at Coco Loco anthelliniko Spiegel, whose reporter does not believe his ears.Spiegel: Mr Ritschl, the German Government is acting with stiffness in the matter of Greece, in logic "money will get only if you do what we tell you." Judge fair this behavior?
Ritschl: no, it is absolutely unjustified. The Germany lived the greatest failures of modern history. The current economic independence and the role of Europe's ' Teacher ' the Germany the owes... in the u.s., which after the first and the second world war have resigned from their right for huge sums of money. Forget all this.

Spiegel: would you tell us what exactly happened then?

Ritschl: the Weimar Republic managed to survive from 1924 until 1929 solely with borrowed. For damages of World War I borrowed from the USA. It was a "Pyramid" loan, which collapsed with the crisis of 1931. The u.s. loan money had disappeared, the damage to the u.s. was huge, the consequences for the world economy is devastating. After World War II the US cared not to put anyone from the allies claims for compensation. Apart from a few exceptions, thwarted all claims until a future reunification of East Germany with the West. This was very vital for Germany. In essence this was the famous German postwar miracle! At the same time, however, the victims of the German occupation, like the Greeks, were forced to relinquish their rights to compensation.

Spiegel: How big were the amounts of German bankruptcies?

Ritschl: based on the financial standing of the USA during that era, analog German debts of the 1930s equivalent to the cost of the crisis of 2008. If the compare well with the Greek debts, then, believe me, with Greece's debts are minimal. In relation to the financial standing of the country, Germany is the biggest sinner of the 20th century, and perhaps of modern economic history.

Spiegel: how many times has bankrupted Germany?

Ritschl: Depends how one calculates. In the last century at least three times. After the last stop paying in the 30s, the Germany was relieved by the us with the known longer haircut, like converting an afro look to baldness. Since holding the country economic luster. At the same time, however, other Europeans worked like dogs to lift head from the ravages of war and the German occupation. And even in 1990 we also had a stop payment.

Spiegel: are you sure?

Ritschl: Of Course! It was when the then Chancellor Kohl refused to implement the agreement of London, 1953. The agreement said that the German reparations in the case of the reunification of the two Germanies, will be put under renegotiation. The elachistotates paid reparations but Germany after 1990, nor necessarily loans concluded, nor the costs of occupation. Greece is one of the States that did not get a dime. Not hide! The Germany in the 20th century started two wars, the second was even war annihilation and extermination. Then the enemies of renounced their rights partially or globally for compensation. The famous "German miracle" made up on the backs of other Europeans. We do not forget the Greeks.

Spiegel: is currently the rescue of Greece through an extension of time for payment of government bonds, i.e. a controlled adjustment of debts. We are here to talk about threat of bankruptcy?

Ritschl: Of Course! Even if a State is not completely unable to satisfy his creditors, may be in bankruptcy. As in the case of Germany in the 1950s. It is an illusion to believe that Greece will be able to pay its own debts. Therefore it is by definition bankrupt. Finally you will need to determine what amounts are ready to sacrifice the creditors.

Spiegel: Yes, but the State pays most is Germany.

Ritschl: I think so it should be done. We have been in the past too anemeloi. Our industrial production gained a lot from the excessive exports. The anthellinikes posts that promote German SMEs are very dangerous. Don't forget that we live in a glass house: our economic miracle was possible solely because they had to pay damages. The Greeks are well aware of the hostile attitude of the German SMES. If the mood of the Greeks become more aggressive, can revive old claims! If you start the Greece and if ever forced Germany to pay, then we get them all.

Spiegel: what do you recommend to do in GREECE?

Ritschl: we should be thankful and sanitise the Greece with our money. If we continue the game of SMEs, in the guise of the coarse Emil, who smokes his cigar and refuses to pay, maybe some people send us their old accounts. The bankruptcies of Germany in past years suggests the solution: we must now agree on a reduction of debt. Anyone who lent money to Greece, must lose a large part of them! I know that this would be disastrous for the banks, so we need a helper. Unfortunately, this solution is expensive for Germany, but we must understand that it will eventually have to pay. Just so I had and Greece a chance for a new beginning.

the tales of a greek sailor

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