Saturday, April 4, 2015

Sailor in distress

Sailor in distress

   Ships destination 
   Port of Saint John.
   The crew in tension,
   I asked, what is going on.

   Came, warning report,

   a hurricane,
   right on our course.
   Oh, not again...!

   Waves like mountains, battered

   the ship all over,
   soon, the rudder shattered,
   and engine out of order.

   Probably my prayer
   must have been heard,
   because like a miracle,
   I am not dead.

* Extract from "The Broken Mooring Line", an experiential
poetic work // page c   // e-mail: //
Texts and Narration: Odysseus Heavilayias - ROTTERDAM //
Language adjustments and text adaptation: Kellene G Safis - CHICAGO//
Digital adaptation and text editing: Cathy Rapakoulia Mataraga - PIRAEUS


The Tales of a Greek Sailor

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