Saturday, April 4, 2015

S.O.S Save Our Souls

S.O.S Save Our Souls

     Close to the fiords in Norway,

             from the port of Bergen 

                                      not too far away.

            «Skippeeeer...  send the S.O.S» 

                                ....a sailor is screaming.

            Really happening ?   

                                         or am I dreaming ?

            Thick smoke 

                                covered the ship all over...


                               a dream and now it’s over....

            This nightmare continues 

                                  for many years to come,

            even though I’m awake, 

                                 this memory  leaves me numb.


* Extract from "The Broken Mooring Line", 
an experiential poetic work 
by Odysseus Heavilayias. / page c12-13/ e-mail: /
Language adjustments and text adaptation Kellene G Safis,
Digital adaptation and text editing Cathy Rapakoulia Mataraga


The Tales of a Greek Sailor

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