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The channel of the Olympian Zeus

Riivers begin from Black Sea, uniting with the Euphrates and 
emptying into the Persian Gulf….

Suez i.e. zeuS
(Port) Said i.e. diaS        

                     The Egyptian pilot, a good old pal,
                     was telling me, that centuries 

                                                      [before the canal,

                     the Argonauts to a date
                     with world history's gate,
                     once sailed the Black Sea,
                     then through two rivers maybe three,
                     arrived in the Gulf of heat,
                     ie Persian, having great conceit ....

The hot air burns the sailors face,
actually a cursed place,
but the hot air inflates the sails
and sailing through pristine water trails,
circumnavigate Arabia coast after coast..

Guide and helmsman, the Zeus ghost….

                      Somewhere in the Red Sea
                      God drops the anchor and sailors see
                      that they are in an unfamiliar port……

After thanking Zeus for the support,
and wondering what was the name of that salvation port,
(a name incomprehensible and abstruse)
drank wine and all went on the loose…

                      Next morning, begin to cross the desert, pussyfoot
                      (savage tribes around), they walk ragged, barefoot…


In this illegible name port, centuries later,

                                        [a gay swart,

with white robe, and very short,
says to some sailors and I, that in the East,

people start reading from the right, 

                                                 [and to release

the meaning of the word Suez(canal)
says "just read eastern-way pal.”

                 In Port Said reaches our boat.
                 Guess what immediately, I wrote?
                 Starting from the right, the name Said.
                 Result "Dias", Zeus himself, 

                                                        [straight or upside…


Texts and Narration: Odysseus Heavilayias - ROTTERDAM //
Language adjustments and text adaptation: Kellene G Safis - CHICAGO//
Digital adaptation and text editing: Cathy Rapakoulia Mataraga - PIRAEUS

Νο 10 

Arabs :     Unlike us, the Arabs write from right to left ...

Zeus ie Días :    is the "Father of Gods and men" who rules the Olympians of Mount Olympus as a father rules the family according to the ancient Greek religion. He is the god of sky and thunder in Greek mythology.

The Argonauts :  (Ancient Greek: Ἀργοναῦται, Argonautai) were a band of heroes in Greek mythology, who in the years before the Trojan War, accompanied Jason to Colchis in his quest to find the Golden Fleece. Their name comes from their ship, the Argo, named after its builder, Argus. "Argonauts" literally means  "Argo sailors"..

The city of Suez was known in ancient Egypt as it was used to secure the mining activities in Sinai and to prevent any foreign attacks coming from Palestine or Syria to enter Egypt.

It was normal that Egypt, since ancient times, would have a town in the Northern edge of the Suez Gulf.

Suez has remained as a small peaceful town until the 19th century and it served as a port connecting Egypt with Sinai and the Arabian Peninsula. The city had a population of around 3000 or 4000 inhabitants in 1860.

Everything changed in the city with the beginning of the digging of the Suez Canal as the population increased with very high rates in a limited period of time with so many workers emigrating from different Egyptian cities to come and work in the Suez Canal.

With the establishment of the Railway line, at the end of the 20th century, connecting Suez with the rest of the cities located on the Suez Canal and with Cairo, the Egyptian Capital, the city even developed and flourished like it never did before and it turned out to become an important industrial and commercial center on the Red Sea.         wikipedia

The Tales of a Greek Sailor

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