Saturday, April 4, 2015

The confession of a sailor

The confession of a sailor

   Latitudes and longitudes
       changing night and day.
       Loneliness, work and prostitutes,
       I spent my life this way.

       I love you but it is too late,
       I remain an unrepentant seaman,
       making a life that I hate,
       and having a friend, the barman.

       If you could see in my life

       every scene,
       You’ll see me there waiting, 
       tell me where have you been
       when for you, I was searching.

      In another life, I know,
      we were somewhere together,
      in this one, please stay, don’t go,
      stand by me, forever !


* Extract from "The Broken Mooring Line", an experiential
poetic work // page c   // e-mail: //
Texts and Narration: Odysseus Heavilayias - ROTTERDAM //
Language adjustments and text adaptation: Kellene G Safis - CHICAGO//
Digital adaptation and text editing: Cathy Rapakoulia Mataraga - PIRAEUS


The Tales of a Greek Sailor

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