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In a beautiful bay with deep clear waters gave a Saint his name

Blue Caves
The Schinari area located north of the island and includes many villages like Agios Nikolaos, Volimes, Makris Gialos, Xigia, Mikronisi and also the Blue Caves and the Shipwreck.  This is the beautiful bay with deep clear waters that Saint gave his name.

The quiet picturesque bay has the official name of Saint Nicholas of Volimes. The area is not very well developed yet, mainly because of 30 km from Zakynthos town, many say better not near the center of the island. The harbor bay beyond the fishing boats in the area, and the boats that make tours to the famous Blue Caves of Volimes and Shipwreck, preferred by the tourists who visit the island by boat ...
A small ferryboat which operates in sea transportation connecting Zakynthos to Kefalonia.

In the central promenade there graphics '' brown '' and several, remarkable taste, zakynthian taverns, with a charming view that changes several times a day amid her image. Cause those of the landscape?

     The small uninhabited islet of Ag. Nikolaos, which is directly opposite, making games with sunlight from all pride, the place that gave its name,.


Beach: Pebble and rocks
Distance from Zakynthos town: 30km.
Located in: Agios Nikolaos Volimes
It belongs to the municipality: Elation
Other nearby beaches: Makris Gialos, Xigia
Other beaches in the same municipality: Makrigialos, Shipwreck, Xigia, Porto Oats



Apart from the beach of Agios Nikolaos, there are other smaller area which will easily find with a little exploration. Access to the beach is by small paths that lead to rocks.


Makris Gialos, pebble beach, Rating: 9/10. Small, picturesque beach located 25 km northeast of Zakynthos town and enclosed in a small creek. It consists of sand and pebbles and the water is crystal clear, turquoise and relatively deep. There are a few umbrellas and sunbeds and umbrellas for rent, and there are no watersports.

The landscape is wild charming as it combines mountain and sea .... cliffs, huge rocks just extend above the beach. At the top of the rock is above the slope of the beach is a small traditional tavern that offers food and space for camping. Also worth a little swim away from the beach and see for yourself the many caves formed. Truly this is a magnificent landscape that is worth visiting.

Xigia, A unique, '' fragrant ', picturesque beach on the island, the water contained sulfur large proportion giving the beach a particular fragrance.
The sulfur comes from the neighboring caves, so this beach is ideal for those with aching legs and arthritis because swimming in water with sulfur will help. It is also known to make good the skin and helps in cellulite.
Xigia beach is easily accessible by car and has parking.
Several good restaurants around will offer homemade dishes to fill energy. On the beach there are no shops.

1. In north Zante,  Greece  approx 25 acres in a gently sloping field

For those seeking alternative lifestyles .... or seeking tranquility and holiday by the nature, the area is one of the best options.
Close to the small port of Agios Nikolaos for maritime communications.
The coastal road will lead you in Makrigialos, where there are beautiful sandy beaches and tavernas.....
In this area annually is taking place the biggest beach party of Greece. Continuing on the road will find the village Xigia famous for its natural hot spring with its healing properties.

            a video with a small view of the car as we approach the port ...

2.  Just one kilometer from the harbor, 6 acres, corner, facing two streets, at the intersection of the main communautaire for the departmental capital.

3.  Two kilometers from the Ag. Nicholas in the village of Spartia 3 acres inside the village
          amphitheater .....

             For Sale ... more info at tel .: 697 9216 536   /   699 7813 998
settlement Spartia

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